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برای تهیه تغلیظ کننده خلأ فرم پایین همین صفحه را تکمیل نمایید تا در اسرع وقت با شما تماس گرفته شود.


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برای تهیه این دستگاه فرم پایین همین صفحه را تکمیل نمایید تا در اسرع وقت با شما تماس گرفته شود.

(Drying bulk materials (single-chamber systems
Christ Epsilon single-chamber systems are always a good choice when the primary consideration is high drying performance with low capital expenditure and low energy costs. They also ensure reliable and economical operation year after year. With large shelf area and adjustable shelf spacing, they are general-purpose systems with high ice condenser capacity:Advantages of Christ single-chamber systems

Easy, simple and user-friendly operation
Ice condenser adjacent to shelves for high efficiency and short drying times
Product and condenser icing can be observed during the drying and defrosting processes
Fast defrosting of the ice condensor (20 to 30 minutes)
Easy cleaning of the drying chamber and the ice condenser
Low operating and maintenance costs
Compact construction, easy transport and simple system installation
Optionally available with electro-hydraulic stoppering device and adjustable shelf spacing
There is a choice of five standard sizes with shelf area from 1.76 to 18 m² and ice condenser capacity from 20 to 180 kg. Taylormade capacities are available on request


Food industry (e.g. fruit, vegetables or flavourings)
Chemical industry (e.g. ceramic powders or nanoparticles)
Pharmaceutical industry (e.g. diagnostic products or intermediate pharmaceutical products)
Conservation of materials (e.g. archaeological objects)
Book drying

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در صورتیکه در مورد این محصول اطلاعات بیشتری لازم دارید فرم زیر را تکمیل نمایید تا در اسرع وقت با شما تماس گرفته شود.

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